Is It Smart To Buy Instagram Followers?

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The use of social media, such as Instagram, is the premium way to market your business in today’s economy. Having an online presence isn’t just another avenue that you can use to market yourself – it is quickly becoming the most important tool that is used. Owning your own website, so that you can present your product or service, is the main way that clients will find out about who you are and what you do.

buy instagram followersSearch engines, along with social media sites, are noticing a trend– It is almost impossible to go to a webpage randomly without seeing the familiar Facebook logo, the Twitter logo, or the logo for Instagram. Because you may want to present a positive and popular image to the public, you will want as many “likes” and as many “followers” to show in your profile as possible. Public opinion, or so it would seem, defines your business and, ultimately, defines you.

Choosing to buy Instagram followers is a common choice for “brass tacks” business, rolled up into one dilemma: the question of ethics. If you choose to buy Instagram followers, but the actual service or product you are selling doesn’t produce results, those who are truly looking at your page will instantly recognize this and begin to doubt your credibility. In fact, your true followers may begin to investigate your sudden rush of popularity and lose interest altogether, once they discover that you are using unethical tactics to market your product. If you or your product are truly that good, why would you need to purchase phony followers?

Purchasing Instagram followers may be tempting, but is also risky. You are risking your privilege to use Instagram, as well as the possibility that your true followers may find your practices to be unethical. Think carefully about this decision before you make it.… Read the rest

The New Currency: Social Media Likes

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Social media has emerged as the most popular and interactive platform for businesses all over the world to collaborate with their respective industries. The boom in the launch of a variety of social media sites has turned the tide of online marketing towards this particular platform. More followers and likes on social media platforms can be generated in to organic leads. This literally means the social media likes can be considered direct currency for the modern age. If you are still confused on the relation between the number of likes on your social media platforms and your business’s social output, here are the details to help you get a clear perspective.

How do social media drive current business relationships?

The trend of social media does not just pertain to marketing. In fact, it can cumulatively drive your entire business relationship.


  • Collaborative tool – It is important to have a presence in your industry where most innovations happen. While geographically this was quite impossible even a few years back, today online collaborative sites are a great way to engage with experts and thought leaders of your industry. You can collaborate in real time on innovative projects on a global platform. You can also bring your entire team on to an online platform effectively snipping the cords of geographical constraints. This also means that you can literally build your dream team of IT experts, communication experts, and analysts without having to worry about commute or time differences.
  • Headhunting with a thorough research approach – Headhunting for a strong team used to be an extremely annoying process which was based more on luck than not. However, with professional social media sites like LinkedIn, you can now find appropriate professionals for your organization based on a thoroughly researched profile. You can find out their qualifications, industry experiences and talk to some of the contacts from the companies in their resume to get a picture of the professional compatibility of the individual. Not only this, you can cross your research against various social media profiles to get a more exhaustive profile that can help you place the individual correctly within your work model.
  • Cultivating personal brand – You can use potential blogs and personal columns to promote your personal brand. It is an effective way to gain certain recognition within the industry as a thought leader.
  • Macro networking before face-to-face follow-up- Social media can be your front approach for networking which you must follow up with face-to face meetings. However, a macro-networking tool like a solid social media relationship opens up a host of aspects to discuss about when you venture to solidify your business relationship with direct meetings.

Social media likes for leveraging social output

Likes on social media can be seen as a calling card from your followers to let you know where the trends are shifting for your posts. With a like, you followers are also hinting that they would be open to more communication on the platform. You can reciprocate with likes and comments. Always make sure that every like is acknowledged. Reading the statistics of likes, right can help you refine your social media strategy to include more posts that not only generate likes but more shares to get viral attention.… Read the rest

Social Media Tips: How To Buy Instagram Followers

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Instagram is a massively popular social networking site. The site functions on Image sharing and video sharing format. The site also functions primarily on a mobile platform. With the recent shift in the trend of web accessibility, Instagram plays right in to the zone of current popular platform of Smartphone and tablets. The site is also geared towards providing a viral sensation and visual features for products, information, and services. The rule of thumb is the higher the numbers of followers you have on the site; the higher is the range of sharing for your posts. In such a situation Instagram, followers have become a very important target for a social media strategy evolving around this site.

What makes Instagram a Sensation?

  • Images and short videos feed important information to audiences in visual format. Research shows that target audiences are 40-50% more likely to be interested in the visual format than plain text format.
  • Instagram allows only short 10-second videos and 4:3 ratio images. These do not take too long to upload so the site has an overall high response time compared to other social sharing sites for visual format.
  • Instagram allows hash tags, captioning and geo-tagging, so you can make it a very effective part of your Social media marketing and website promotion strategy.

Preparing your Instagram profile for the infusion of Paid followers

It is important that your profile have an interesting foundation and a well-established network of organic followers before you can start buying Instagram followers. A sudden spike in your follower count might make the entire project dissatisfactory for your existing followers. In addition, you might not be able to retain paid followers if you do not offer a good level of content readily available on your profile.

  • Start posting at least one image pertaining to your industry or product every day.
  • You have to be consistent with your strategy, so an editorial calendar for Instagram publishing might be your best bet. You can set days for informative posts, humorous posts and product promotional posts to give your audiences a varied diet.
  • Photo editing can add some drama to a regular image post. You can add different filters to the same image or post a variety of images in a collage as a single post.
  • Using popular hash tags with your post has been noted t increase followers by a huge margin (20% approx.)

Searching for best places to buy Instagram followers

Start by conducting an efficient search and cross reference with any recommendations you can get from friends and contacts who have bought Instagram followers successfully. Your search should include social media groups, buy-sell websites, and general classified websites. You can also look through forums for advertisements and information on best places to buy Instagram followers. Always use a secured credit card when making a purchase from available services, in case it turns out to be a fake provider. Ask for a 60-90 days guarantee on your paid Instagram followers. Look for websites like who have an official representation online and therefore available in case of any technical glitches with your purchase. Have a flexible budget for the project. Depending on the quantity of followers you want, you might have to pay anywhere between 5-10 cents per follower.… Read the rest

Where Should I Go To Buy Instagram Followers?

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Instagram is fast turning out to be the social media site with the most potential for viral attention for your online marketing strategy. The basic strategy behind Instagram is to share more photos and short videos make it automatically a more share crazy platform for the selfie generation. The site is also majorly mobile oriented which plays right up the current trend of audiences shifting more towards mobile platforms.

Why you need more Instagram followers


  • Instagram helps you tap in to viral promotions for your brand. You can generate various strategies and contests for more of your followers to take pictures with your product and feature it on their profiles. This is automatically establishes your product as a sensation in the market.
  • You can generate real time leads from your string of followers. Organic and paid followers both comply with this strategy, especially if you took care to buy niche specific followers for your profile.
  • It is important to build your network because if your network is not growing at an evident rate, you are losing ROI. It is therefore extremely important to come up with a solid strategy for increasing your followers on the site, consistently.

Best practices to follow before buying Instagram followers

  • Build up your content on the site. While it is easy to buy followers, it is tricky to retain them if you do not have an interesting profile to begin with.
  • Using Instagram features such as geo-tagging, features for your images and captions to help build interest in your shares. They also help in making your profile more search friendly for followers.
  • Find new suggested followers and build up at least a small flow of organic traffic before you move on to paid followers as part of your strategy.
  • A great idea is to hire a social media consultant to help you refine your strategy for multiple social media sites including Instagram.

Finding the best place to buy Instagram followers

  • If you have any friends, acquaintances, or social media contacts who have invested in buying paid Instagram followers, they will be your best bet for getting a recommendation for the best place to buy Instagram followers.
  • You can also search online and browse through popular social media groups to find potential services who can offer niche specific followers at an affordable budget.
  • You can also use bidding sites, and social classified sites such as Fiverr or Craigslist to find information on professionals or services that are willing to offer paid followership for your Instagram profile.
  • Vital services such as offer their services from an official website. This kind of service is much more trustworthy than random professionals who might have no official representation online. Chances of being duped with fake followers or followers quitting after a few days, are more likely for the latter case.

Quick tips for quality assurance when buying Instagram followers

You should have a flexible budget ready for the strategy of buying Instagram followers. Usually they can range anywhere between 5-10 cents per follower. Look for official websites and services that offer a 30-60 day guarantee on retaining the paid followers.… Read the rest

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